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San Pedro International School


The San Pedro logo features two keys to represent authority, a globe to represent the internationality of the school, a Bible to represent the word we stand on, and two olive branches to represent peace, growth, and not forgetting our beginnings.


To remain committed in developing Agents of Change while cultivating their future.


Embracing tomorrows change with endless possibilities.


Our mission is to graduate students who are proficient in Spanish and English in all four modalities of listening, speaking, reading and writing. As we educate, prepare and inspire all students to

reach their highest potential and strive to become a school of excellence and equality.

About Us

San Pedro International School is a non-sectarian international school established with its students’ futures in mind. We accept students from around the world and believe that learning is universal. Through investing in your child’s education with SPIS you can give your child the edge needed to excel in the global market.

We believe learning isn’t confined to a single language and use Spanish as our language of instruction. Through this unique teaching practice our students become bilingual and are afforded experiences that no other school in The Bahamas can offer. Our students demonstrate
adaptability, cultural awareness, bilingualism, confidence and are able to compete in the global market.

SPIS is acknowledged by The Ministry of Education here in The Bahamas with our teachers and staff being 75% Spanish, 24% English and 1% Mandarin. Our curriculum is a combination of Abeka for English taught subjects and Santillana, the leading Spanish curriculum in Spain, South
America and the United States, for Spanish taught subjects. SPIS’ students sit all national and international examinations giving them the opportunity to be limitless in wherever they choose to study and preparing them to study abroad.

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